Paola Franqui – the eyes behind Monaris’ lenses

Manhattan, November 2nd, 2017

While people rush across town often unknowledgeable of what and who surrounds them, someone stands out from the crowd. Paola Franqui also known as Monaris stops and watches the movement of the faces that come to illustrate her pictures. She captures through her camera lenses’ stories rather than images and the sensibility of how she sees the world is translated into the final product of what her photographs reveal.

Born in Puerto Rico Paola moved to the United States when she was 14 – today she calls Edison, New Jersey home. Even though the passion for photography accompanied her throughout her life, only seven months ago she decided to pursue a full-time career in the field.

As a photographer, Paola has had the chance to visit many places around the world and document her experiences through the collection of pictures she has from each one of those places. In 2017 she visited Argentina, Venice, Rome, London, Paris, and Cuba on a trip sponsored by Sony Alpha Imaging Collective which Paola is a member of – she is currently in Puerto Rico on photographer duty documenting her journey.

On this digital era, Paola uses social media platforms such as Instagram to showcase her work. She currently has over 100k followers on her Instagram account with more than 2,400 posts.

Paola believes she has found her life’s calling, she is passionate about developing her craft and affirms that there is always room to grow and improve:

“If you are comfortable with what you are doing you are never going to grow; you will never get better. Sometimes I don’t like what I do, and this pushes me to find new perspectives and try different things – it’s the beauty of growing as an artist and as a person.”

Paola Franqui still gets goosebumps while in action as she cruises the crowd of people looking beyond the movement and stopping to capture the story of an instant.

Find out more about Paola Franqui at:


Personal website




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