Living With Crohn’s Disease: A Day In The Life Of Alyssa Cruz

Millions of Americans are affected by Crohn’s Disease, which is a disease that  causes inflammation of the lower intestine. According to, “Crohn’s disease is more common in adults than in children. People are most often diagnosed with Crohn’s disease in late adolescence or early adulthood, between ages 15 and 35. Population-based studies show that Crohn’s disease is slightly more common in women than men.”

Alyssa Cruz is a young girl from Queens who has been diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease since 2013. She has been battling with this disease and it has been very difficult for her. She speaks in great detail about having to drive to a hospital hours away, her strict diet, the monthly infusions and medicine that helps control her flare ups. A fun fact is that no one in her family has this disease. Learn more about Crohn’s Disease by watching this amazing video.

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